Name: Andrew Milner

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Course Instructor: Bill Sherman

TA: Ben Hartigan

I have NOT played the UVA Bay Game before.

1. List the variables and concepts that you think are part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed system:

– Annual rainfall (droughts/wet seasons)

– Amount of water in watershed

– Pollution

– Wildlife in watershed

– Farming

– Fishing

– Quality of water

– Laws regarding pollution in watershed

2. Describe the relationship and interaction between these variables. Be specific. For example, if you state that A influences B, indicate the direction and nature of the influence (i.e., A transforms B in this way, A increases/decreases B, etc.).

– Annual rainfall affects the amount of water in the watershed, where more rainfall means a greater quantity of water

– Pollution affects quality of water, where more pollution means less quality

– Quality of water affects wildlife, where better quality means more wildlife

– Amount of water in watershed affects farming, where more water means more crops

– Wildlife in watershed affects fishing, where more wildlife means better and more plentiful fishing

– Fishing affects wildlife, where too much fishing means less wildlife (balancing)

– The laws regarding watershed pollution affect the amount of pollution going in, where harsher laws means less pollution

3. On a separate piece of paper, diagram (either free-hand or with a software program) the variables you described above demonstrating the relationships and interactions that influence the watershed.

Assignment 1 system diagram