I am part of a group here at UVa called Global Architectures Brigades that is currently designing a secondary school/community center in Santa Rosa, Honduras for a competition between several other schools.  Each school comes up with their own design for this project, taking into account specific program, material, and sustainability requirements, and submits it to Global Architecture Brigades.  From there, one project or a hybrid of projects is chosen to be actually constructed in Santa Rosa, and all participants will travel down to Honduras for a week over winter break to help construct the school/community center.

To design such a project in an area with diverse weather and intense climate involves looking at some of the concepts we have learned in class thus far.  With the help of Mr. Sherman (who kindly agreed to talk with us about our project one day), our group has had to determine the specifics of solar geometries, wind directions and strengths, rainy seasons and dry seasons, and much more.  With this in mind, we are designing a cluster of structures that utilizes material, window placement, overall orientation, and other aspects of architecture in order to have a final project that is responsive to the systems at work in our site in Santa Rosa.