What times of year and times of day make up the primary solar window?

January-April: 8am-1:30pm

April-September: 8am-4pm

October-December: 9am-1pm

How might you respond to this as an architect with respect to the siting and orientation of your meeting place?

With the overlay of the solar chart on the site panorama, I can now see where the sun is blocked or not during specific months and times of the day.  This means that in designing my bus stop/bike share hub I can orient my project and place walls or windows accordingly, taking into account individual comfort in terms of direct light or shade (which in turn determines temperature).  I could design my project to allow as much natural light in as possible during the winter in order to heat the space while providing shade during midday in the summer when a cooler temperature would make the space more comfortable to experience.

How might you respond as a landscape architect with respect to modifications of the site?

As a landscape architect, I could modify my site by strategically planting small trees to provide shade in the summer months.  The site on the corner doesn’t have much land space to work with, so planting trees for shade may be one of the only effective features a landscape architect could implement.


Sketches and diagrams: