In class today we talked briefly about the new series of bus stops that the city of San Francisco is constructing over the next 3 years.  These bus stops, designed by local firm Lundberg Design, are made of mostly-recycled materials and implement photo-voltaic cells on the roof panel in order to power the bus stop’s LED displays of transit schedules.  These recycled materials are more graffiti and etching resistant, and any extra electricity generated by these photovoltaic cells will be wired straight back into the city grid.

The picture below shows a view of the photovoltaic cells on the red polycarbonate roof panel.  I think that The design of these simple structures is basic, but practical and functional.  It serves its purpose as a bus stop, providing seating on a bench inside, giving shelter from the elements, and displaying bus schedule information.  However, the use of alternative energy sources to fully power the display board (and then some) as well as the low-maintenance cost recycled materials really brings these bus stop structures up a notch.  I plan to use the same concepts from the design of these bus stops in the design of my own bus stop/bike share hub.