Kelly Pierson and I were partners for this project.  We designed a bus stop and bike share hub to be placed on a sidewalk down by the Corner.  We designed this bus stop structure to emphasize the difference between gathering space, waiting space (for the bus), and bike space.  For this project, we chose to use concrete as our main material.  The concrete benches allow for thermal retention, absorbing the cool summer air at night and the warm sunlight in the winter in order to provide a cool bench area in the summer and a warm bench area in the winter.  We also utilized photovoltaic panels on the roof of our bus stop oriented towards the majority of the incoming sunlight to power the bus stop lighting and the bus route display screen.  Any extra electricity gathered will be sent back into the city grid.  Lastly, the roof is slanted downwards on either side so that rain can collect and drain down through the columns, be filtered underground, and then be used as drinking water for thirsty bikers or those waiting for the bus.