In reading Energetic Organizations and reviewing the lessons of the Final Lecture I developed a sense of the city and the various flows and connections present at various scales that relate to variables such as energy, the exchange of materials, information travel, human use of energy, and urban/global networks.  I took the presented ideas in the Lunch essay and tried to diagram the characteristics of the Ecological/Web city in simple ways to show these various scales of local, urban, global, and body.

In this series of diagrams I wanted to show the trend towards what were described as “local, dense lateral connections as well as the global concentrated networks” by defining these connections from the smallest scale to the largest scale.  There are at first the local, more personal and intimate relations between individuals, which then translate into those between groups of individuals, or cities, which furthermore translate into the global networks of information, energy, and material exchange and travel that can be seen in the final diagram.  This overall diagram was created to show these separate levels as well as how they come together in the bigger picture.

In addition, this diagram I created is demonstration the concept of the ever-changing directions and methods of the flow of energy.  While ambiguous about scale, it starts to take on the idea of the “flow of energy [that] shifts from a directional stream into a field of intense, dynamic, lateral connections.”  With this in mind, the diagram transcends literal scale and becomes a way to show how cities have been changing and how they will continue to evolve from more linear, singular forms to networks of interconnections at every level of life, with dynamics becoming more and more evident.

A quick palimpsest study of the urban system on three differing levels